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Web Design

Your website is the base of your company’s online identity. It’s your digital store front. We understand this, and can help you plan and develop your business’s online presence.

We build mobile responsive websites that are tailored to your business’s needs. We specialize in working with local businesses, building small business websites, e-commerce shopping solutions, and online communities. Depending on your needs and the package chosen, the services will be implemented to maximize the presence of your company on the Web.

The ergonomics of a website must make it intuitive for everyone. Majestic Design & Marketing, LLC combines information architecture and ergonomics to create easy-to-use sites.

Web Dev & Maintenance

We will develop the website you need.

Whether it's developing a website or updating your current site, Majestic Design & Marketing, LLC will offer you simple and effective solutions. By putting creativity and respecting the standards in effect in terms of ergonomics, accessibility and navigability, we will develop a site that meets your expectations.

Keeping your website up to date with the latest content and graphics requires a thorough understanding of both your website and its fundamental structure. Here at Majestic Design & Marketing, LLC our support service will help with the maintenance of your corporate website and e-commerce sites in order to bring the maximum lifetime value to your business investment, it is essential that the content of your website changes regularly or at least you make additions.

Graphic Design

The graphic design of a website is the expression of the communication strategy. An effective website should be nice to look at and be easy to use. The image of your company is paramount. In a very competitive market, it is by working on your image that you will make the difference with your competitors. We define with you, your tastes, your desires and put our professionalism at the service of the image of your company.

That's why Majestic Design & Marketing, LLC has integrated graphic design and marketing specialists into its team.

Social Media

Social Media are inevitable now. Your target or potential customer is already there. We implement a social strategy that aims to develop your brand image, increase your sales, consider customer feedback, disseminate information and sell products on a global scale!

Every conversation that happens online is an opportunity for a referral! Majestic Design & Marketing, LLC will implement tools like niche blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, etc…to help you communicate with your customers and target audience.

about us

Majestic Design & Marketing, LLC is a multidisciplinary web agency that has made its mark in the development of adaptive sites and graphic design, web design, maintenance and the dynamic display.

​Majestic Design & Marketing, LLC has over 10 years of experience in web design and marketing. This has allowed us to witness and be a part of the great evolution of different technologies in the web. At Majestic Design & Marketing, we design from small simple sites up to large sites that can include all the features you've imagined.

​Our main asset is the trust we impart to our customers, we accompany you from A to Z in your web projects. Expertise in website development and digital project management allows us to offer you well-researched solutions and high value-added service. 

​We offer turnkey service to our customers: website creation, branding, social networking, web marketing and website maintenance.

about me

​Theresa Cunningham, founder of Majestic Designs and Marketing LLC, is the catalyst behind this creative agency focused on helping businesses globally. She has acquired over ten years of progressive professional experience working with different companies in the design, marketing, and technology industries.  

​Her love of technology is grounded in the ability to constantly morph into something brand new; to explore and push the limits with it and develop something that is truly amazing that everyone loves. Theresa’s diverse background has allowed her to adapt and thrive with almost any company to learn and understand web development and marketing. 


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A seemingly doomed development project that I thought would require an expensive repair quickly became a thing of the past once Theresa stepped in to assist. I was at the point of giving up but her determination to get to the root of my database malfunction proved to be the reason for the project's success.She takes the time to not just work through the problem but ensure you have a clear understanding of the work she is doing and the reasons why. I'd recommend her to anyone needing a calm, knowledgeable presence in their corner.

Nichelle H.

Theresa ​is always helpful and available. Her work was practically flawless. Every detail was accounted for. She has always been dependable and reliable. You will love working with her!

Deidre R.

​She has always been a great resource to me. Having worked in her field for several years she definitely knows how to hit the ground running. Her work ethic is exceptional, she’s definitely a go getter. I definitely would recommend her for any project you have in mind.

Jennifer B.

​​You will never meet a more passionate, hard working, self-motivated professional leader as Theresa Cunningham.

Charles G.

free consultation

You want a team of creative professional consultants who understand your industry, your business and how to reach your customers, but how can you be sure you’re picking the right company? Will they be able to implement your ideas, goals, and branding into a stunning, effective website experience?  Our professional teams of customer-oriented Website designers, graphic artists and web marketers know how to build your Website right.

During your free consultation, we discuss how you want your website to look and feel. It's our first and best opportunity available to hear about your frustrations with the current design or lack of one, any ideas you have, other websites you like, and what you expect to achieve from the new web design.


​We welcome the opportunity to make you confident in the company you pick. Contact us to discuss your website or marketing needs today.